Fertility Genetics Consultations 


We understand the roller coaster fertility patients can experience. We are dedicated to helping make complex information and choices easier to understand as you embark on your fertility journey. 
During a consultation, we will review your family medical and fertility history, in the context of any genetic tests you have had or considering, discussing all available options to help with your choices. 
New genetic testing technologies can provide a lot of information that may help with the success of your treatment, reducing the chances of having a child with a genetic condition.  
A genetic consultation provides information, offers support, addresses your specific questions and concerns to help you make informed, independent decisions about your treatment and reproductive options. 


Extended carrier screening 

Most people are carriers for one or more genetic diseases. Carriers do not have symptoms of the disease, for example carriers of sickle trait do not have sickle cell aneamia.  
Carrier screening checks if you or your partner are carriers of certain recessive genetic diseases. If both you and your partner are carriers for the same condition, although you will not have any symptoms, there is a 25% chance that a child may inherit one faulty gene from each parent and be affected by the condition.  
Carrier screening looks at the likelihood of this occurring so that we can discuss your options to avoid having an affected child. 

Donor Matching 

Many egg and sperm donor banks now provide extended carrier screening results for their recruits. Most people are carriers for one or more genetic diseases. You may wish to have carrier screening to check that you do not carry the same genetic condition(s) as your donor to reduce the risk of having an affected child. Clinics and donor banks increasingly recommend genetic counselling before you can use or purchase a particular donor. We can provide genetic counselling, a summary report for you to share with your clinic and help with your important decision making. 

Genetic testing of embryos during IVF treament  

Genetic testing can be carried out on embryos created in an IVF treatment cycle by taking a small sample of cells from a suitable embryo. These embryos are subsequently frozen until the genetic testing results are avaialable. The testing allows healthy embryos to be identified for transfer to the womb. There are different options for preimplantation embryo testing (PGT) which need to be carefully understood and considered in relation to your medical and fertility history. We can guide you through these options, reviewing their benefits and limitations. If you are having IVF treatment, we can work with genetic testing laboratories on behalf of your clinic to set up bespoke testing options that may be required.  

Second Opinion Service 

Our second opinion service offers you easy access to our experience. If you have a genetic diagnosis or have received IVF treatment and want another opinion to make a more informed decision moving forwards getting a second opinion is easy, convenient and done remotely for your convenience. 
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