Areas where we can be of help 

You have recently been diagnosed as a carrier of a genetic condition and wish to understand the implications for you and your family. 
You wish to check that you or your partner are not a co-carriers for the same genetic condition. 
You want information about testing that is available to you. 
You have had genetic testing but need help understanding the results. 
You want to understand the genetic test result(s) of an egg or sperm donor to help you make an informed choice. 
You have concerns about a condition reported for a donor you have used in your previous treatment. 
You wish to discuss concerns about genetic conditions in your family history. 
You want to understand the results from a genetic home testing kit as you are concerned about the implications for you and your family. 
You have ‘mosaic’ embryos in storage and wish to use them. 
Your clinic has asked us to provide a consultation for genetic testing of embryos. 
You want to use our second opinion service for impartial advice for the future.  
We understand the roller coaster fertility patients can experience. We are dedicated to helping make complex information and choices easier to understand as you embark on your fertility journey. 
During a consultation, we will review your family medical and fertility history, in the context of any genetic tests you have had, or are considering, discussing all options available to you. 
The service you might need will vary according to your situation. Our bespoke consultations can be arranged online, face to face or by telephone. If we are unable to assist, we will refer you to a suitable professional colleague to ensure you receive the best possible service. 
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