'Many thanks again for your time during our consultation. We found it very helpful, and you explained everything to us in a clear manner that made a complex situation understandable! We very much appreciate it.' 
"..thank you so much again for our consultation, you really helped us” 
“ Thank you so much. We have received it with a huge smile on our faces. Thank you so much for being part of our journey” 
'Thank you very much for all your help and being actively engaged with us in keeping things moving forward' 
I found our meeting very helpful and Valerie explained everything to me very well. She also answered a lot of questions which I had.' 
Good Evening, 
Thank you so much for completing this for us. 
We have received it with a huge smile on our faces. 
We have signed this and sent it to the clinic. 
Thank you so much for being part of our journey 
"Thank you so very much, we really appreciate all of your endeavours with this. Appreciate it hasn’t been the smoothest and you have been incredibly helpful throughout." 
"Thank you so much for the app and on Friday it was great. I have the report thank you" 
"Thanks for being so efficient. We appreciate it." 
"I would like to thank you sincerely for your time and hard work for this detailed report and spending time to contact the Institute Bernabeu; much appreciated. The report is very reassuring and we have asked the clinic to start the process of donation" 
'Thank you for speaking with me the other day. It was really helpful and has given me a lot of peace of mind' 
"Brilliant. I’m so pleased! Thank you so much for your work on this"" 
Thank you so much for the consultation. It was very helpful and reassuring. I appreciate that we could write to you with another test result, it is very kind of you, thank you. 
'Thank you so much for your time this morning - it was great to be able to talk it out and start to better understand our position' 
"Thank you very much, we found the session really helpful. I have saved a copy of the letter for our records and the clinic." 
'Thank you very much for everything. 
We couldn't have done this without your service.' 
"Many thanks for sending the letter so promptly. 
Valerie’s consultation was extremely comprehensive and helpful to us" 
Thank you also for a very professional service throughout the process - we found your explanations very clear and helpful and definitely made this extra step in the process much more straightforward!  
Thanks again and hopefully we might be able to share some good news later in the year :) 
Valerie was fantastic and the call extremely helpful.' 
'Thank you so much for your help over the last year or so. I can’t quite believe we have managed to beat the odds like this and have ended up with our perfect baby boy! He really wanted to be here!' 
"We wanted to thank you for all your help with this screening process, it was all very clear and thorough, we are very grateful that you made this easy for us, especially by keeping us updated with the delay in results" 
"Wow that's quicker than we were expecting, how exciting!" 
"Really great to speak with you on Friday, you made everything very clear and easy to understand." 
"I just wanted to say thank you for everything yesterday. Everything seems so much clearer and positive today. We are extremely grateful for your time, knowledge, support and reassurance." 
'We both felt it was the most valuable session and so informative. Most appreciated. 
Thank you' 
"Thank you, We really appreciate all the work you've done." 
"Thank you SO much, I can’t tell you how helpful you have been, and how much I appreciate your time just then on the phone" 
"Thank you for your time last week, it was a very informative conversation for us" 
"Many thanks for sending this and for all your time in explaining the results and reviewing our potential donors. 
Your advice has been great and very informative to us.
"That’s great. Thank you so much for dealing with everything so promptly" 
"It was great chatting to you, and extremely helpful." 
'I had to write to you as quickly as I can as I cannot be more thrilled than I am today! Your efforts have also paid off and it is also thanks to you that today I am holding my beautiful healthy baby girl' 
'Thank you so much for helping us to set up our test. We are extremely grateful for how you not only guided us through the process, but also sped it up' 
"Hi, thank you very much for letting me know and for all of your help, thanks! " 
'Thank you, it was very helpful, we really appreciated the time with Valerie to walk us through' 
'Many thanks, we found the session with Valerie very supportive and informative' 
"Thank you very much for keeping us in the loop" 
'Very nice to meet you and very informative. I think you should do a stint on woman's hour quite honestly, there are so many myths around' 
'The appointment went brilliant. First class service from start to finish. Thank you so much' 
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