Genetic Testing 

Fertility Genetics can support and help you understand which genetic testing options may be beneficial to you. We can provide pre and post-testing counselling, support and advice. 
Genetic test results can be complex, confusing and challenging to understand. It is important to ask questions before undertaking testing to understand the benefits and limitations of a genetic test. You should be offered the chance to discuss the results and potential findings in order to fully understand and appreciate what they mean for you and for your wider family. 
A test result may show a change in a gene or chromosome structure. The result may help to confirm a diagnosis or identify a risk of developing or passing on a genetic condition to your children. Genetic tests should be selected carefully as they do not identify all genetic diseases or identify all the genetic changes that can cause a disorder or fertility problems. 

Before having a baby 


During a pregnancy 


Having fertility treatment 


Family history 

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