Second Opinion Service 

Our second opinion service is an opportunity to access our combined experience to help you with your decision making about future treatments. Getting a second opinion is easy, quick and can be provided remotely for your convenience. 
Depending on the completeness of the information you provide, a second opinion consultation may include the following: 
Help you understand your personal genetic testing results within fertility treatment options. 
Help you understand genetic testing results of your embryos and your options. 
Assess if any additional genetic tests are necessary 
Evaluate your current fertility treatment plan with regard to genetic testing 
Following a second opinion consultation, you may decide to pursue a different path, make modifications to your current plans or be reassured that your current treatment path is the best one available for your specific situation. 
To get the most from your second opinion we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible, such as: 
Your medical and family history 
Genetic test results for you 
Genetic test results on your embryos. 
Records of your previous fertility treatments and genetic testing. 
Embryology laboratory reports 
Following review of your genetic fertility history prior to your booked consultation we may contact you if we feel there is some information missing. We can arrange a consultation by screen share and provide a report to you so that you can refer back to the discussion when you need to. The discussion will be based on the information that you provide to us and current knowledge of genetic testing at the time of the consultation. 
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