Is the direct to consumer carrier screen you are ordering suitable ? Could you be wasting time and money? 
If you are considering carrier screening before conceiving or want to check you are not a carrier match for a condition carried by a reproductive partner or donor it is important to ensure that the test you are using gives a complete picture of your reproductive risk. 
Many direct to consumer tests only look at a limited range of gene changes that are associated with a disease and so give false of security for reproductive risk and carrier matching. 
Validated carrier screens usually require a professional in genetics/genomics to order a test that is clinically useful. You should also be offered a pre-test discussion and information to understand the benefits and limitations of test you are taking and a post-test discussion to understand the results. 
At Fertility Genetics we offer an end to end service - pre-test consultation, consenting, post-test consultation that is consistent with professional guidelines for genetic testing and informed consent. We are happy to review a carrier screen test you might be considering and advise if it is suitable for the reason you are testing. 
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