Revised on 26th July 2021- a comprehensive Q&A for seeking vaccine and advice for fertility. 
Please be aware that the speed of scientific research in this area is very rapid. 
Hence, we advise any concerned person to always discuss their individual situation with their health 
care provider. 
Should people of reproductive age receive a Covid-19 vaccine? 
People of reproductive age are advised to have the vaccine when they receive their invitation for 
vaccination. This includes those who are trying to have a baby as well as those who are thinking about 
having a baby, whether that is in the near future or in a few years’ time. 
Can any of the Covid-19 vaccines affect fertility? 
There is absolutely no evidence, and no theoretical reason, that any of the vaccines can affect the 
fertility of women or men. This includes whether you are trying on your own or having fertility 
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